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CrossFit 513 United

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Patrick Heringer, Owner and Head Coach

Certified CrossFit Trainer, L-3

CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting 

CrossFit Judges Course

Explosive Movement Seminar

I found CrossFit in 2009 and as an athlete, have never looked back. I began my coaching journey in 2012, and immediately fell in love with it. When we opened the gym in 2014, Sarah and I set out to build the best CrossFit community we could and I think we have done exactly that. In 2019, my love of coaching led me to become the only Certified CrossFit Trainer in Cincinnati and has inspired me to develop a staff of professional, knowledgeable and motivating coaches that will help you reach goals you had no idea you were capable of reaching. CrossFit has changed my life in immeasurable ways, both inside and outside of the gym and I've made it my mission in life to bring that same experience to as many people as I can. If you give us a chance, we're going change your life.


Sarah Jenkins, Owner, Coach and Yoga Instructor

CrossFit Level II

CrossFit Gymnastics

CrossFit Judges Course

ACSM Personal Trainer

YTT 500 hours


I was the total cliche' of a woman on a search to be ... fit. 


My background in athletics and fitness was rooted in phrases such as "I don't want to get too bulky" and "I just want to look toned." I would run 60 miles a week, do pilates, restrict my diet to 1100 calories a day and was always on the latest cleanse. I was obsessed with body image and all that mattered to me was the number on the scale and when was it going down next. My lifestyle was moving further and further away from health and fitness. 

I was tempted by CrossFit in 2012 because of a certain young man I was interested in, told me to try it. And I was vain and willing to do anything that would help accomplish my perverse goals of weight management and CrossFit sounded slightly more fun than another lemon water and cayenne spritzer concoction. 


When I first tried CrossFit, I was a total mess. I had zero strength because I thought 8 lbs dumbbells were heavy lifting and was pissed off over the fact that all those hour long "boot camp" classes I took at 24 Hour Fitness did absolutely nothing to prepare me cardiovascularly for it. 


I had wonderful Coaches though from Progressive Fitness CrossFit in Colorado Springs, Colorado who didn't give up on me although I was convinced I wasn't "cut out for it." I learned that CrossFit is more than just a great fitness program. It's a community of people who are there to support you and celebrate with you overcome obstacles both inside and outside the gym. 


To me, CrossFit is a lifestyle of success with health and wellness. It has taught me life lessons beyond the box and I attribute it to many of my successes. I look forward to being your Coach and helping you with setting, obtaining and maintaining your personal fitness goals.


Welcome to CrossFit 513 United! 

Henry West, Coach
Crossfit Level II
CrossFit Judges Course
I started CrossFit in 2014 at an affiliate. I was a soccer player for 12 years and when that ended I was looking for something to keep me in shape. My first workout lasted 20 minutes and I was immediately hooked. Crossfit has become one of my greatest passions.  The combination of community, fun, and hard work is what truly makes Crossfit unique as a fitness regimen. Since beginning Crossfit, I have competed several times as an athlete and obtained my Crossfit Level 1 certificate. Whether it be coaching or taking a class there is always an opportunity for improvement. Taking advantage of these opportunities is what makes Crossfit fun and what I strive for every day.

Robin Tullercash, Coach

CrossFit Level II Trainer

CrossFit Endurance Trainer

CrossFit Gymnastics Certificate

CrossFit Kids Trainer

CrossFit Powerlifting Certificate

CrossFit Weightlifting Certificate

ISSA Personal Trainer

ISSA Sports Nutrition Specialist

Precision Nutrition Level 1 (in progresss)

Robin grew up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  She played softball and field hockey in high school and after graduating, joined the Army.  She soon got into running and weightlifting and had the opportunity to compete in several military competitions and complete a number of courses including Airborne, Air Assault, and Summer and Winter Military Mountaineer. She served tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. 

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Arabic at THE Ohio State University, and went on to earn her Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition certifications, starting group coaching in 2004.  She first started doing CrossFit in 2008, and after getting out of the Army in 2012 she got her CrossFit L1 Trainer certification so that she could coach and inspire others to love the sport and has been coaching ever since!  She even spent several months in Saudi Arabia where she coached at KSA CrossFit, the country’s first CrossFit affiliate.  When she is not at the gym, she enjoys crafts and outdoor activities including backpacking, mountain biking, and taking her dog Nuni on adventures.

Erin Lynch, Coach
CrossFit Level I
ACE Personal Trainer

Hello! I’m Erin.

I am a Level One Crossfit coach, certified personal trainer, nursing student, and many other things. I got into Crossfit in 2013 but before then I was always an athlete. I grew up as an equestrian, swimmer, and runner, and traveled the country for equestrian competitions starting at age 11. I also played volleyball and ran track in high school. I was an equestrian up until my second year of college and when I stopped riding for financial reasons, I found Crossfit as an outlet for my competitive nature and affinity for lifting heavy objects (My family called me Bam Bam my entire life because of it). The thing that drives my love of coaching and personal training is my desire to help people understand and love what their bodies are capable of. It is so easy to tell ourselves we can’t do something and not try; telling ourselves we CAN do something and then giving it a try, is where the reward lies. The reward you receive comes from finding out that the joy is within the commitment, struggle, and effort we put into ourselves every single day to BE better than we were yesterday. My fitness career will long coincide with my nursing career, because I see both as equal opportunities to lend a hand in improving the overall health of as many people as I can.

Sophie Pouliquen, Coach
CrossFit Level I

My CrossFit journey began in 2016 right here at CrossFit 513 United! I had just moved to Cincinnati and enjoyed a combination of HIIT style training and lifting weights, but I was tired of solitary workouts and training without friends or a partner. I heard from friends that CrossFit was a great way to meet like-minded people, so I found my way into CrossFit 513 United.


The supportive community and attention to detail that Patrick and Sarah have created here is incredible. It is what keeps me coming back every single day and what has led me to pursue my interest in coaching. I received my L1 certification in March 2019, and I'm developing my coaching style and methodology daily. I am very focused on the importance of preparation (both for workouts and nutrition), and I try to build that into our members. I am constantly reminded how wonderful it is to have a community like CrossFit 513 United. Together, we continually strive to become stronger, healthier versions of ourselves.